Monday, July 18, 2011

Mummy is sick...

29th Jun 2011

Today is perhaps the darkest day of mummy’s life.  Doctor revealed to mummy that her biopsy result indicated that the lump in her left breast is cancerous and based on the size of the lump the doctor informed it is Stage II Breast Cancer.  

1st Jul 2011

Mummy arrived in NUH with a heavy heart.  Doctor has ordered CT and Bone Scan to determine whether the cancer cells have spread beyond the affected breast.  Daddy and mummy pray to lord almighty that the cancerous cells are contained and not spread to any vital organs.  Ashlee also prayed for mummy’s recovery.  Ashlee's prayer: ‘Dear Lord, I wish my mummy will get well soon, AMEN!’  Praise the lord!!!

4th Jul 2011

Mummy and Daddy arriveatom KK Hospital to see Dr. Hong Ga Sze.  Both of us have decided to seek for a second opinion on mummy’s condition.  Dr. Hong was very reassuring and is much more professional and knowledgeable than the doctor in NUH .  Dr. Hong assured mummy that breast cancer can be CURED, and ordered several scans and tests to determine mummy condition (how come such tests were not ordered by that doctor from NUH???).  With so many tests conducted, mummy got even worried that the cells might have spread to other part of her body.  She starts to worry about her swelling lymph nodes...

5th Jul 2011

Mummy was accompanied by Aunty Chyn to see the plastic surgeon for possible breast reconstruction.  The surgeon, Dr Evan Woo, briefed mummy on the various options for breast reconstruction.  Dr Evan Woo youthful looks gave mummy and Aunty Chyn an impression that he may not be experienced enough, but he seem confident and reassuring.

6th Jul 2011

Dr. Hong revealed mummy’s tests result.  Results showed that the cancerous cells did not spread to the vital organs, but it has spread to the lymph nodes.  Mummy was told that mastectomy will have to be carried out on her left breast, and the lymph nodes around her left armpit must be removed.  Amid all these negative results, it is still good news because the cells did not spread to other vital organs and mummy has more or less resigned to the fact that the affected breast will be surgically removed.  It was a great relief for mummy and daddy.

After spoken to Dr Hong and Dr Pang, Dr Woo asked mummy the type of breast reconstruction she has opted.  Daddy was surprised to see how youthful looking
Dr Woo is but was impressed with his confidence and bedside manner.  Dr Woo even took upon himself to negotiate with Dr Pang to bring forward the surgery date and he managed to do it! Thank you Dr Woo!

18 Jul

Mummy is warded today for pre-ops procedures. Many mummy's friends visited her, and ah gong and ah ma, and uncle Kenneth was there too. Pastor Helen and Francis also prayed for mummy. And Aunty Evelyn's friend a Breast cancer survivor also visited mummy and prayed for her. God's presence was immensely felt and we all prayed that lord Jesus will protect mummy and bless her a successful surgery. Dr Hong, Dr Pang's deputy, told mummy that the surgery will take place tomorrow at 7.30am and takes about 10 hours! As we wait for the surgery to begin, we commit mummy to the loving father for his mercy and protection...Amen!

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Ms Long said...

hi,visited your blog and read this update of yours. just to let u know that i will be praying for you! you are strong and continue to stay strong! take care.