Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wow, my house is in the "Lookbox" Magazine!

Mummy and daddy have had made numerous sacrifices for me. One of them is moving out of their humble old abode in Woodlands housing estates (actually the happiest person was my mummy as she never like staying in an Ulu place like Woodlands). For your info, my daddy had been living in Woodlands for all his life. However, in order to stay near my nanny’s place and close to reputable primary schools, mummy and daddy decided to buy a new house near Queenstown. It was a difficult decision because it is a heavy financial commitment. To make it worse, it was during the property boom and properties were priced out of proportion.

As it was difficult to sell away the Woodlands house, it took quite a long time before a young couple made an offer that mummy and daddy could not resist. However, one condition was for mummy and daddy to handover the house ASAP. In turn, mummy and daddy have to move out before getting a new place. Luckily, my Godma generously invited my mummy and daddy to put up in her huge house at Toa Payoh.

Shortly after, mummy and daddy bought a condo unit at Dover. However, the challenging part was to complete the renovation within 2 months (in time for me to report for duty). Luckily, the interior designer hired by mummy and daddy was efficient and completed just in time before mummy delivered me.

I must say that I am really proud to be staying in such a beautiful house. It was jointly designed by the interior designer and my daddy, the only creative one in the family. The end result was remarkable! See it for yourself! Our house was featured in the popular interior design magazine, “Lookbox”. By the way, when these photos were taken, mummy was still recuperating in hospital after delivering me.

In my next posting, I will tell you why my daddy made the difficult decision to sell away his car for a petrol efficient car (although new he don't really like it cos he always dream of having a continental car or a cabriolet.)

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