Sunday, November 2, 2008

Gym Classes etc

Bad habit picked up at the infant care, me booing away.

Yesterday I get to put on my new choc shoes & sit on my new stroller before going to the Little Gym.

Parachute time @ The Little Gym

This morning I woke up late so everyone was waiting for me to go yum cha. I had the Da Pao skin as snack.

Me & Kate signed up for a trial class at My Gym @ Civic Centre. Since we were early, we went to MacDonalds. I was thrilled as I have a new toy to play with. Daddy gave me the bun from his cheese burger which made my day as I start to dance and even share it with Daddy.

I enjoy myself thoroughly at My Gym. I sat on my favorite swing and I also become the swing by hanging on to two ropes. As usual Kate loves to hug & kiss me, I pushed her away and she cried, oops sorry Kaite (I din mean it). Kate went down the slide pretty fast and she was quite in shock. We had fun playing with the balls and also sitting on the "merry-go-round".

My Favourite is the Swing Time

I like to carry heavy stuffy and walk

Bubble Time

On the Merry Go Round with Kate

Thanks Uncle Kim for taking such nice pictures!

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