Saturday, July 26, 2008

Fun Filled Sat @ Ikea, Hort Park & Keppel Island

Checkout my dad’s new ride! Like what my dad said: “Nothing to shout about”. Compare to the old car, this is a midge. My mum keep knocking her head when trying to manoeuvre herself into the car (of coz she was carrying me at the sametime). The truck space is also very small. It can only fit my stroller and nothing else! However, it really saved a lot on petrol. And that is the whole idea of downgrading! I know my dad can’t wait to change to the car he preferred. Lets hope he can “tahan” at least another 3 years.

This is me having breakfast at Ikea. Mummy and daddy were happily eating away while I entertained myself. By the way, do you like my cap? Actually its daddy’s cap, he thinks I look cool with cap. But for crying out loud, I’m a girl!

Look, I am really enjoying myself with the Ikea shopping cart! Before this I was again throwing tantrum and refused to sit in my stroller. Luckily, my dad knew how to improvise and switch it to a cart. Mummy was relieved that I was finally “tamed”. Of coz that did not last long before I start throwing tantrum again. Oh by the way, checkout the yellow feather thingy on my head. This little decorative item is a real headturner man! Those who see it can;t help but to say: "SO CUTE"! I wonder if I'm cute or the Yellow clip????

Oh ya, when I got tired of the shopping cart, I started throwing tantrum. So, daddy started dumping me to all the children beds on display. I took a particular liking with this bed with a Blue hood. Pretty amazing bed and I utterly enjoyed it, just look at my expression. Of coz, when I was removed, I started crying!

Wow, who is that babe in the mirror?! Oh, it me :)
As I need a nap, we went home & mummy whipped up a yummy semonlina surprise meal for me:) After lunch, we went to Hort Park.It's a large park & too warm for me even though the sun was not very strong. I'll probably enjoy more when I am older and able to walk. Next, mummy & daddy brought me to Keppel Island. It's the first time I am so close to the sea and I enjoyed looking at the waves:)

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k@Ye_ said...

KY, better to airbrush away the carplate no! :)

Where is Hort Park located?