Saturday, December 27, 2008

Little Gym Camp

It's term break and I've not been attending Little Gym. This morning it's camp time, it's a 1.5 hr camp with gym activities, snack & project time. Accompanying me are my cousins Brandon, Kaegen & Kate. Since I woke up quite early, we went to MacDonald's for breakfast before going for camp.

I finished about 1 hotcake and I feed myself using the fork

I also ate half of mummy's fried egg before drinking some water

After my meal, I even danced to the pipe in music:

This is the first time, the four of us attend gym class together. It is sun and we enjoyed ourselves. Kaegen has a sweet smile, Brandon is running around and Kate is all smile too.

As usual, I love bell time and attempted to "steal" the box of bells.

After lunch, I KO in the stroller while mummy & daddy went shopping. They end up with 3 toys for me! My very own Thomas Bubble Musical & 2 music instruments. Yeah!!

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